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2D Drafting & Design Services

From concept to fabrication / construction we can provide the necessary documentation & design consulting services to get the job done.  We  use AutoCAD 2002 to generate some of our 2D layout work (architectural)  & SolidWorks 2003 for mechanical & product development.   Your drawing files are easily shared with colleges & can be saved in a variety of file formats.    Below are a few samples of (2D) work.

bullet Assembly Drawings 

bulletThis is a preliminary assembly drawing of a paper mulch Molding Machine.  These mechanical drawings  were generated before SolidWorks came out.

bullet Machining Drawings 

bulletThis is a preliminary Machining drawing of a base frame for the above paper mulch  Machine.

bullet Architectural Drawings 

bulletThis is an elevation view of a clients residence

bulletThis is a Partial Plan view of an old warehouse that was converted into apartments.

bulletThis is the elevation  view of the above warehouse.

bulletThis is a partial drawing of a preliminary base design.










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