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CAD Design & Modeling Capabilities

We provide design and modeling services in (2) CAD software programs. We can provide you with fully parametric component and assembly models, modeled specifically for your manufacturing process. We have integrated high-end with mid-range CAD programs, leveraging their strengths and our knowledge base for increased efficiencies.


 CAD Design & Modeling Experience:

bullet3D parametric solid modeling
bulletComplex surface development for both functional and aesthetic applications
bulletSeamless integration of high-end with mid-range CAD programs
bulletProduct and tool development.
bulletComplex, multiple configuration assemblies
bulletDetail drafting, Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
bulletInterference detection, mass properties calculations
bulletData translations to/from CAD programs
bulletDevelopment of modeling and drafting standards
bulletFinite Element Analysis using COSMOS express

 Legacy Data
We work with CAD data provided to us from older CAD programs as well as CAD data that has been translated through multiple CAD programs. The data is cleaned up, if necessary, and then ready for additional modeling, updating or retranslation.

 CAD Design & Modeling Applications
 We have experience with CAD design and modeling for specific processes including:

bulletPlastics molding processes
bulletSheet metal, stamping, fine blanking
bulletMachining, casting
bulletComplex mechanisms
bulletPhoto-realistic rendering

Here are a few samples of recent work.

A baseball bat holder.


Concept of a holiday decoration holder.


Exploded view of a two way communication device.


Large plastic injection molded end cap.

Poly pro. Bird feeder Seed vessel.


Large pipe fitting (4,000 Lbs.)

Stainless Steel Decking Structure.


Roll up truck door assembly.

Exploded view of a high end bird feeder.

Sports equipment


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